Our team tailors a comprehensive plan unique to our ceding clients’ strategic capital objectives. Though we have access to the same modeling and analytics services cedents have become accustomed to in recent years, COIN Re is not an analytics purveyor. Rather, our unbundled services supplement our reinvigorated broking process. Our team boasts an extensive track record of aggressively representing the needs of clients while maintaining harmony between ceding insurer clients and partner reinsurers. Constant and transparent communication directly contribute to this harmony. Cross-pollination of knowledge between our clients regarding market appetite and preferences allows all parties to be abreast of changes in the broader global reinsurance marketplace. All throughout, we safeguard sensitive information like individual client plan structure/design from competing clients. Business with COIN Re won’t be the periodic annual trading of a commodity, instead a mutually beneficial partnership where the marketing balance is tipped back to our clients.
COIN Re Services:

  • Accounting
  • Claims (Reporting and Settlements)
  • Client Service and Support
  • Compliance
  • Domestic Reinsurance Placement (US and Bermuda)
  • ILS Market Placement Through Beach Group
  • Reinsurance Program Design
Additional Services Provided by our partners at Beach Group