Beach Group Partnership

COIN Re has partnered with The Beach Group to fulfill superior customer service and analytical expertise. Beach’s advanced analytics and global reach perfectly compliment our reinvigorated broking process. With Beach’s support and partnership, COIN Re has the capability to deliver services “A to Z”, but we only deliver the services our clients want and need.
Beach is a leading independent reinsurance intermediary with a deep understanding of risk and capital management with a commitment to addressing client-specific needs. Beach holds a reputation for innovative insurance placements, bespoke analytics, and a deep talent pool with a broad, global reach. The firm was founded in 1989 by Jonathan Beach in Toronto, Canada and over the last three decades has expanded both geographically and by capabilities and product offerings. Today, Beach employs 160 re/insurance professionals in six offices across the globe, providing services beyond just reinsurance program placement to clients big and small across a wide spectrum of business classes and needs. Beach’s approach is centered on analytics – brokers actively engage with the analysts and actuaries on staff to provide comprehensive, bespoke solutions and unparalleled service. As of early 2018, Beach is now a subsidiary of the Acrisure Group, one the top-ten largest insurance brokers in the United States, and represents the entirety of Acrisure’s reinsurance brokerage operations, as well as the platform by which Acrisure will expand internationally in the retail market space.
The Analytics team at Beach represents a wide array of expertise and experience across the globe. Members of the analytics team are located in London, Zurich, New York, Toronto, and Burlington, NC. Beach firmly holds that insight is built on knowledge and acts as an independent advisor, using deep expertise across our experienced actuarial team to provide bespoke solutions unique to the client’s risk appetite and capital models.
Beach Group Services Available to COIN Re Clients:

  • CAT Modeling
  • CAT Response Analysis
  • Contracts & Endorsements (projections based on occurrence projected landfalls)
  • ILS Market Placement With COIN Re
  • International Market Placement
  • London Broking
  • Mapping
  • One-off Client Needs
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Rate Making Support for Rate Filings
  • Regulatory & Rating Agency Reporting and Consulting
  • Reinsurance Structure/Loss Picks (Shared)
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Risk Transfer Analysis